European Network for Studies in Sports Sciences · EN3S

Go in for sports studies throughout Europe

Who we are

This is a network of European universities whose aim is to promote student and staff mobility, European consciousness and knowledge as well as academic knowledge and research related to sports sciences in their broad sense. That is why this network is willing to stimulate mobility through Erasmus exchanges in particular and to undertake joint research programmes, curriculum development as well as the implementation of a new European Certificate, which is perceived as a bonus on top of the ECTS that students validate at the end of their year or semester as Erasmus students.


  • Promote European integration
  • European countries as a favourable learning environment for our students
  • Emphasize Emphasize Europe as an employment employment market for our students
  • Improve the employment chances for our graduates
  • Reduce the problems of unemployment for academic youngsters in Europe

Conditions for network partners

  • The certificate conditions can be fulfilled by each partner university
  • The current curriculum in each partner university is the main basis for the certificate
  • The curriculum includes the following types of courses :
    • Theoretical courses in sport sciences & European culture
    • Practical / didactical courses
    • Practical training / placement
    • Participation in research
  • The curriculum of the certificate is general / basic and does not push any partner too hard
  • Courses in European culture and language can be carried carried out in the out in the home or in the host university university
  • Partner universities can apply their own examination system
  • Partners should be aware that the host students are not native speakers


  • April 2024 – Network meeting : Notodden (Norway)
  • May 2023 – Network meeting : Toulouse (France)
  • May 2022 – Network meeting : Timisoara (Romania)
  • October 2021 – Network meeting : Caen (France)
    → Visit of the French Minister for Sports, Roxana Maracineanu, and suggestion of a benchmark on ‘Sport, Physical Activity and Sustainable development Goals in Childhood’ – presented by EN3S at the UNESCO Conference in Paris, February 2022
  • May 2021 – online meeting : Caen (France)
  • May and November 2020 – online meetings : Timisoara (Romania)
  • May 2019 – Network meeting : Murcia (Spain)
  • May 2018 – Network meeting : Gloucestershire (UK)
  • May 2017 – Network meeting : Strasbourg (France)
  • May 2016 – Network meeting : Urbino (Italy)
  • May 2015 – Network meeting : Constanta (Romania)
  • May 2014 – Network meeting : Caen (France)
  • May 2013 – Network meeting : Murcia (Spain)
  • From September 2012 onwards – Joint research : a EU project on the employability of Sport Sciences graduates – funding from Brussels
  • May 2012 – Network meeting : Gloucestershire (England)
  • May 2011 – Network meeting : Nancy (France)
  • May 2010 – Network meeting : Las Palmas (Gran Canaria)
  • From May 2009 – Joint Research: EU Project on Health-Related Physical Activity or how to enhance health through physical activity, a project undertaken by some of the partners universities, i.e. Gloucester, Gottingen, Vitoria, and Las Palmas, plus Brasov (Romania) and Dublin (Ireland)
  • May 2009 – Network meeting in Urbino (Italy)